Tarporley Portraits – Just one….

Tarporley Portraits


So here is another ‘just one’ ahead of the full blog post. I chose this image as it warms my heart. A Dad and his girls, each with their unique personality, each full of love. The touch of the hand of one of the girls is so gentle yet conveys such affection. Emotion is a part of every one of us. Touch and affection, however fleeting makes us feel whole. This image will be treasured by this family and will be pride of place on Dad’s desk so he can look at it every day.

What I loved more than anything about this father was his interaction with his children. He really ‘knows’ his kids, That may sound strange but it always makes me smile when I see the connection and bond between a father and daughters. I had the very same with my own father, it’s something very special.

Just one….Tarporley Portraits



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